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Take Your Brain for a Walk (or let your brain take you for a walk)

On Tuesday 26th May, Selwyn Community Education hosted movement neuro-scientist, Dr Jim Stinear, for an excellent Think Talk on the topic of exercise and the brain. 

Highlights of the talk:

  • Recent research: in the last decade it has become evident that physical activity plays a huge role in brain health.
  • Blood flow: Cardio exercise sends freshly oxygenated blood into the brain, nourishing the brain cells and keeping them healthy.
  • Use it or lose it: Without exercise, brain cells are not fully nourished. Impact: reduced ability to make decisions, to plan, and remember things. As the brain becomes less active, it works less and less well.
  • New brain cells: Research has shown that exercise may actually help replace damaged brain cells, and helps keep the cells that do not regenerate, healthy and functioning at their best.
  • Get moving: Dr Stinear wants to inspire people to move their bodies for the health of their brain, and inform people that ‘exercise’ doesn’t mean going to the gym for hours. 
  • 150: Around 150 minutes every week is the recommended amount, which can be broken up into smaller amounts throughout the week. 

If you would like to be kept informed of upcoming Think Talks, telephone us on 5219623 or send us an email.


Accounting - The Balance Sheet Explained

 Accounting The Balance Sheet Explained


If you are in business you need to understand the signals that your balance sheet sends out to bankers, creditors and investors.  If you are a creditor or investor, you need to know what to look for.  

And why does the Profit and Loss Statement attract so much attention? We identify financial trends and their consequences - we look at cash flows, profit margins, inventory maintenance, break-even volumes and expense management.

This class is not about preparing a balance sheet; it's about reading one. Starts 9 June with Bill Ferguson.Learn More



DLSR Photography - The Next Level

Night and Location Photography

Course content includes getting to try different lenses - macro, wide, telephoto and accessories – ND and polariser filters. Practical setups for still life -  flowers, food and more. One session on taking portraits – composition and lighting. One night photo field trip and one Saturday morning for landscape photos. There will be weekly fun projects and a final best photos presentation. Starts 8 June with Ian Eng.

Learn More 


Selwyn Comed's Blog!

Check out our Blog! We will be updating it regularly with news, as well as profiles on tutors and different courses we offer here at Selwyn Comed.

Our latest blog is about upcoming Gluten-Free Cooking course with Karin Puttner. Read it here

What's Hot for this TermWhat's Hot for this Term

Maximising Your Powerpoint Presentations 

Public Speaking

Join Janet Xuccoa in this interactive course to learn how to present to a group, utilising verbal skills and power point as an aid. Janet is an author, public speaker, award winning Professional Trustee, and a Partner at Gilligan Rowe & Assoc. Starts 8 June: Mondays 7pm for 4 weeks.Learn More


Interior Design: Curtains, Cushions, Lamps and RugsInterior Design: Curtains Cushions Rugs

Come and learn the tips and tricks of choosing the right furniture, cushions, lamps and rugs. Turn ordinary into WOW! 8 June with Gaye Adsett.Learn More



NZ FavouritesAnzac Biscuits 

Homemade baking has special appeal with tempting aromas wafting through the kitchen and flavours that cannot be found in commercially prepared goods. June will teach you the tips and techniques of baking and share with you her mother's favourite, easy to follow recipes including Gems, Cheesecakes, Anzac Biscuits, Savoury Pies, Scones, Muffins and Napoleon Sponge Cake. 8 June.Learn More


Modern Middle Eastern Cooking

Modern Middle Eastern Cooking

This is a part demonstration, part practical class in which you will be introduced to cuisine from Turkey, Persia, Morocco, Lebanon, Iraq and Greece. Starts 2 June with Sahar. Learn More