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Join one of the 350+ short courses offered by Selwyn Community Education for all adult and lifelong learners!

Affordable and easily accessible evening, weekend and day classes with experienced tutors in a friendly environment.


Success with Maths

Success with Maths

With inspirational maths tutor, Cecilia Kim, your child will build their mathematics confidence.

Using a combination of games, fun maths toys and practice, Cecilia will teach your child strong foundational maths, paving the way for future learning.  Courses available for Success with Maths for 7 - 8 Year Olds  and Success with Maths 9 - 11 Year Olds Courses start 11 May and places are limited to 8 students.


The Bones of Drama 8 - 12 Years

Open Your Eyes to Drama

The Bones of Drama is a wonderful opportunity for children to be introduced to the elements of drama. June is passionate about what students need to learn and as past HOD Performing Arts at Selwyn College for 24 years, as well as instigator of the Junior Performing Arts, she welcomes the opportunity to work with the 8 - 12 age group. Join up and have some serious fun.Starts Wednesday 13 May.Learn More


Guitar For Children 10 - 12 Years

Guitar for Kids

Children will learn to play their favorite songs on rhythm guitar. This course will focus on chords, strum patterns and basic song-writing. For children aged 10 through to 12 years of age, who enjoy guitar for accompanying singing, both beginners and those who have had guitar lessons in the past. Children will be assessed at the beginning of term and placed into groups with those of similar ability. Lessons are 45 minutes duration and taught in groups of up to seven students. Bring your own acoustic guitar. Starts 13 May with Sophie.Learn More


Yoga for Children

Children's Yoga

Fun classes using story and adventure to support learning through imitating, playing and singing. Designed for children from 6 to 10 years of age. Parents are welcome to attend with children.  With Lekshe starting 6 May.Learn More


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Check out our Blog! We will be updating it regularly with news, as well as profiles on tutors and different courses we offer here at Selwyn Comed.

Our latest blog is about upcoming thinking talk Take Your Brain for a Walk. Read it here

What's Hot for this TermWhat's Hot for this Term


Photoshop BeginnersPhotoshop


An introduction to the key concepts of this industry-standard software, Adobe Photoshop. Learn how to digitally manipulate images. The objective of this course is to give the participants a basic understanding of Photoshop and the potential that Photoshop offers. Starts 5 May with Simon CaswellLearn More


Create Your Own Android Mobile AppsMobile Apps


Would you like to create Android Apps without learning to write programming code? We'll show you how to use a cloud-based app development platform that allows you to create professional quality Apps quickly and easily using templates. Starts 6 May.Learn More


The Best of Mexican FoodMexican Food

Celebrate the flavours and traditions of Mexico with a selection of different easy classic dishes each week in a fun, relaxed class where you will share the meal at the end of the lesson. Try tacos, guacamole, tortilla and other traditional dishes. Starts 28 April with Juan Chavarria.Learn More 


The Great Italian Artists: Afternoon CourseMichelangelo's David

Michelangelo, Giotto, Caravaggio were some of Italy's great artists. Do you want to know more about their art and lives? During this course you will explore the art and lives of some of the great Renaissance and Baroque artists and the fascinating times in which they lived. Starts 29 April with Cristina Capri. Learn More




Botanical PaintingBotanical Painting


Love plants? Have a favourite you want to sketch? This workshop is is an introduction to plant illustrations and is ideal for anyone interested in drawing and painting the botanical world. With professional illustrator and tutor, Sandra Morris 2 & 3 May.Learn More


Microsoft Word BeginnersMS Word


Learn or update your computer skills to produce attractive, structured letters and forms. Become adept at copying, cutting, pasting, editing and formatting text, tabs and leaders, tables and columns. Starts 4 May with Annette.Learn More


Japanese CuisineJapanese Cuisine


Look beyond the sushi! Liberate yourself from take-aways! Instead, learn to create those truly palate-pleasing Japanese favourites at home, such as Teriyaki Chicken, Tempura and Pork Katsudon. Starts 4 May with Efrem and Catherine.Learn More