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THINK TALK: A Superdiverse Auckland. Immigration and the New Demography of Auckland

With Professor Paul Spoonely, Tuesday 31 May 2016  7.30 - 8.30pm

For much of its colonial history, immigrant arrivals to Auckland were dominated by those from the UK and Ireland, with modest numbers from other origins. This changed dramatically in the 1960s with migration flows from elsewhere in the Pacific, and has changed again (dramatically) in the 1990s with the significant increase of arrivals from various parts of Asia. It is now an incredibly diverse city, one of the most diverse in the OECD. This has implications for just about everything, from food and education, to who plays what sports, political engagement (or disengagement), housing and consumption. This talk will outline the demographic changes that have – and will – occur and explore some of the implications for Auckland. 



Explore Bush and BeachExplore Bush and Beach

A unique opportunity to explore your local area with a friendly walking group and qualified outdoor leader. Each week involves a trip to a bush or coastal area of natural beauty and interest in and around the Auckland area including parks and out of the way reserves, private bush, wetlands and many places you may not have heard of. Starts 2 June.


How to Make Delicious Authentic CurriesCurries

Learn to cook authentic, traditional Indian Curries, using fresh ingredients. Starting June 7. 


Portrait Photography

Want to take your portrait photography to the next level?  This course will improve your skills and confidence so you can capture stronger portrait images.  Bring along your own portrait images so you can discover where your strengths are, and where you can improve! Starts 7 June.       


Massage: An IntroductionMassage An Introduction

Learn professional massage techniques to use on family or friends: it will help relax muscle tension and relieve stress. Starts 8 June. Course held offsite at New Zealand College of Massage in Epsom.


Make Up for the 40+Makeup Application for the 40+

Are you lacking confidence or feel it's time for a makeover? These make-up tips will help you look fresh-faced and more youthful. Starts June 14 with Margarita Politis.


Creative Sustainable Garden DesignCreative Sustainable Garden Design

Are you interested in gardening with style, with a desire to work with nature, not against it? Create a garden with soul AND style ! Based on key design principles and strong organic and sustainable gardening practices, it will reward you with hours of pleasure. Starts 14 June with Margaret Lenehan.             




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What's Hot for this TermWhat's Hot for this Term

Coming Up Term 2  



Accounting: The Balance Sheet Explained


Accounting The Balance Sheet ExplainedWhat the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss tell the owner, banker and the investor. Learn to unlock key business information and use it to your advantage. Understand the signals and their consequences. Starts 7 June with Bill Ferguson.


Baking NZ Favourites 

Baking NZ Favourites

Homemade baking has special appeal with tempting aromas wafting through the kitchen and flavours that cannot be found in commercially prepared goods. June will teach you the tips and techniques of baking and share with you her mother's favourite, easy to follow recipes including Cheesecakes, Gems, Anzac Biscuits, Savoury Pies, Scones, Muffins and Napoleon Sponge Cake. Starts 13 June.


Healthy Kids Lunchboxes and Baking

Healthy Kids Lunchboxes and BakingCome a long and learn how to make things like bliss balls, energy bites, pizza pinwheels, vietnamese fresh spring rolls, homemade hummus, spiced banana and walnut loaf, bacon and egg bakes, all perfect for a healthy kids lunchbox. Sunday 19 June 9am - 12pm with Wick Nixon.        



KnitwitsOpen up a whole new world by simply learning the 2 basic stitches (knit and purl), how to cast on and off, increase and decrease stitches, and follow an easy pattern. Starts 25 June. 


Canine Body Language

Canine Body LanguageUnderstand and read the body language of dogs. Create a better relationship with your pet, assist your children in becoming dog-wise and avoid potentially dangerous situations. 18 June with Joanna Clough.



DSLR Beginners: Going to the Next Level

DSLR BEginners the Next StepYou know the basics, now explore different types of photography and continue your learning. Starts 13 June with Ian. 


Digital Photography: Night and Location

DSLR Night and Location PhotographyGo on location for exciting night and day photos - for example Mission Bay, Westhaven Marina plus city motorway overbridge. Starts 15 June with Simon Caswell.