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African Drumming for Adults


Learn how to play the djembe and experience the sounds of the talking drum and sabar. Djembe was originally a form of telephone and is still used as a way of communication between people. You will learn to use and identify the different notes and the important subtleties between them. Laure, originally from Cameroon, will share with you not only the African rhythms, but also the culture that is her heritage. Your own djembe is required. Watch tutor Laure playing a djembe here. Starts 29 July.Learn More


Introduction to Craft BeerIntroduction to Craft Beer 

NZ already has 70 craft breweries, and more are opening each month. Come and find out what the buzz is all about, and discover the amazing flavours that malt, hops, yeast and water can create in combination. A beer appreciation course ! With Glen Armstrong starting 4 August.Learn More


FREE TALK: The Healthy Country: A History of Life and Death in New ZealandThe Healthy Country

With Alistair Woodward on Tuesday 28 July 2015 7.30 -8.30 pm.
Life expectancy in New Zealand is tracking upwards year on year, and indeed, for men at least, we are closing again on the world leaders. What are the implications for health care, public health priorities and social policy? This session will be based on a book - The Healthy Country? A History of Life and Death in New Zealand, by Alistair Woodward and Tony Blakely, recently published by Auckland University Press.

Koha/Donation appreciated.

Bookings are essential - call the office on 521-9623 or click here.  See an article about Dr Stinear, our May Think Talker, in the blogs below.

Check out our latest blog about Alistair Woodward's talk here 


Create your own Android Mobile Apps


Create Your Own Android Mobile Apps


Would you like to create Android Apps without learning to write programming code? We'll show you how to use a cloud-based app development platform that allows you to create professional quality Apps quickly and easily using templates. Eight weeks 7 - 9pm Wednesdays starting 29 July with tutor James Hancock.Learn More


Selwyn Comed's Blog!

Check out our Blog! We will be updating it regularly with news, as well as profiles on tutors and different courses we offer here at Selwyn Comed.

June blogs include: Maximise Your Spanish Learning Experience, Yoga at Selwyn, Eastern Bays Courier: Focus on Role of Muslim Women, NZ Herald: Keeping Your Brain Sharp. Find them here.


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We'll be regularly updating our YouTube channel with new videos about our tutors.

Video Botanical Painting Interview

Check out our latest video from student Dean Whittaker about the Children's Book Illustration workshop in June. Click on the photo or here to view. 

What's Hot for this TermWhat's Hot for this Term

Pop Up Art Studio



This community based art course, held at the Orakei Community Centre, will cater to both beginning artists and to those who have some art practice. It will be based mainly on drawing and painting practices. Students will also be empowered to choose and pursue the subject and mediums that they particularly enjoy. This course is particularly suited to those who are keen to keep meeting regularly and are committed to genuine improvement in their practice through a supportive group and coaching from a dedicated tutor. Course starts July 27, 12.30-3.30pm and runs for nine weeks at Orakei Community Centre.Learn More 


Gluten-Free Cooking

Gluten-free with a difference: start from scratch with grains such as millet, buckwheat, maize and brown rice to produce your own nutritionally super-charged breads and meals. Read our blog post about How to Eat Healthy on a Gluten Free Diet. Course runs over three Wednesdays evenings 7 - 9pm starting July 29 with nutrition expert and author Karin Puttner.Learn More


Elements of Small Garden Design

Elements of Small Garden Design

Create the best from your small courtyard or garden and create another room for modern living. With Landscaping Professional Paul Crowhurst starting 3 August.Learn More


Burlesque Dancing

Burlesque Dancing

A dance class strictly for the ladies (18 years plus)! Come and strut your stuff and learn to become more confident, get in shape and shimmy your way through fun dance sequences inspired by dance moves from the latest movies, Burlesque, Beyonce, and Pussy Cat Dolls. 3 August with Katie. Learn More



Entrepreneurship: How To Make More Money and Think Like An Entrepreneur


Start a business or buy a business and make it make YOU lots of money! Learn the skills of becoming an entrepreneur. 3 August with Sam Airy

.Learn More



Accounting: The Balance Sheet Explained

Accounting Balance Sheet Explained

What the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss tell the owner, banker and the investor. Learn to unlock key business information and use it to your advantage. Understand the signals and their consequences. Starts 4 August with Bill Ferguson.Learn More