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At Selwyn Community Education we are fortunate to have a team of enthusiastic ethnic cooking tutors, all keen to share their food and culture. 


Today we introduce Silvia Gomez-Pineda. Silvia is a native of Mexico and has lived in NZ for seven years. Originally a pre-school teacher, she has a passion for Mexican cooking and culture and wants to share her grandmother's 'secretos' with her students.

Mexican Cooking Experience

Mexican Cooking ExperienceThis unique cooking experience will lead you through an encounter with the flavours, aromas, spices and the culture of Silvia's beloved Mexico and its flavourful cuisine. Starts 2 August.


Greek Cooking OdysseyGreek Cooking Odyssey

Join Emily Tsaliagou as she introduces you to authentic Greek food. 1 August.


Modern Middle Eastern CuisineModern Middle Eastern Cuisine

This is a part demonstration, part practical class in which you will be introduced to cuisine from Turkey, Persia, Morocco, Lebanon, Iraq and Greece. With Sahar starting 3 August.


Japanese Cuisine

Japanese Cuisine

Create those truly palate-pleasing Japanese favourites at home, such as Teriyaki Chicken, Tempura and Pork Katsudon. With Efrem and Catherine Tham 1 August.


Korean CuisineKorean Banquet

Cecilia Kim will take you on a taste journey to learn how to cook diverse Korean dishes such as Kim Chi, Bulgogi, Gugelpan, Darkgalbi, Gal bi Jim and Bipimbap. Learn the Korean way of eating and sharing food, and glean some history and culture along the way. Started 3 August.


Turkish CuisineTurkish Cuisine

Immerse yourself in the culture of Turkey and create a complete menu with a range of beautiful, tasty food. Starts 3 August with Sahar.


And also... 

Meat Free Meals and Healthy Alternatives

Meat Free Meals and Healthy AlternativesDiscover new dimensions in meat-free meals. June will introduce you to a variety of recipes from around the world using seasonal ingredients. Recipes for family meals and entertaining. Starts 22 August. More about June here.



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Check out our latest video about the Eco-Cultural Walk and Talk with tutor Riki Bennett. Click on the photo or here to view. 

What's Hot for this TermWhat's Hot for this Term

Historic Guided Walk of Auckland CityAuckland City Guided Historic Walk

Rich encounters with almost a thousand years of history since Maori first settled Tamaki Makarau - "the land desired by many". Sunday 3 July 2016 10am - 1pm approximately.


MS Word: Next StepMS Word the Next Step

For those who have completed our Word Beginners course to extend knowledge. Includes foot/end notes, sections, column work, more clip art and text wrapping, autotext, complex tables, mail merge. Starts 28 June.


Think Talks

Managing Conflict and Insecurities in Close Relationships

With Associate Professor Nickola Overall, Tuesday 28 June 7.30pm.

Close relationships have a powerful impact on our psychological and physical health. This talk will outline how people's relationship insecurities influence the way they perceive their partners and manage conflict, and factors that overcome these dysfunctional patterns.



Due to popular demand, a second pruning course has been set up for 6th and 9th July. Discover how to correctly prune fruit trees and ornamental bushes for maximum productivity with Paul Crowhurst.


Children's Holiday ClassesSparkly Diamond Dust Art Workshop

This coming holidays we are offering:

  • Aspiring Young Cooks Part I
  • Aspiring Young Cooks Part II
  • Open Your Eyes to Drama
  • Practical Electonics (for children and caregiver)
  • Chinese Characters Crash Course
  • Sparkly Diamond Dust art course


How to Watch a Ballet: Giselle

How to Watch a Ballet: GiselleWhy do ballerinas dance on their toes? Find out with Marianne Schultz starting 26 July.


Singing for Pleasure - Community Choir

Singing for Pleasure Community ChoirThis class is for people who have some experience with group singing.  It will assist you to develop your vocal skills, singing in harmony whilst experiencing a variety of musical styles. Starts 1 August.


Bollywood DanceBollywood Dancing

Whether you love dancing, or you've never danced before, Bollywood Dancing is for you. This course is held at Te Oro, Glen Innes With Rehana starting 2 August. 


Persuasive Communication

Persuasive CommunicationMystified by communication with others? Having trouble getting people to do what you want? Tired of being a victim? Learn new techniques and solve your communication issues with NLP. With Michelle Sime starting 2 August.  


Egyptian Belly Dancing

Egyptian Belly DancingAn introduction to this wonderfully exotic and expressive dance which is suitable for all ages and levels of fitness. Starts 3 August.